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Blind and Low Vision Services

Low vision is defined as vision that is not correctable with spectacles, contact lenses, surgery, or medication.

Low Vision Can Be Due To:

  • congenital problems or disorders
  • traumatic injury to the eye or brain
  • systemic diseases
  • adult onset diseases
  • aging-related diseases

These Eye Diseases May Cause:

  • a loss of acuity (ability to see detail)
  • loss of peripheral vision or parts of the field of vision
  • constant double vision (diplopia)
  • loss of contrast sensitivity
  • reduced or loss of color vision
  • reduced or loss of depth perception

The low vision services at Ronan Eye Clinic and Optics provides new options for these patients. A therapy plan and goals can be developed to meet a patient’s individual needs. Low vision therapy focuses on enabling the person with visual impairments to safely and independently complete daily living tasks compromised by vision loss.

Low Vision Therapy Includes:

  • Teaching the person to use remaining vision as efficiently as possible to complete activities.
  • Modifying activities so they can be completed with less vision.
  • Training the person to use adaptive equipment to compensate for vision loss.

Individuals who are experiencing low vision are encouraged to set up a consultation at Ronan Eye Clinic and Optics. Please contact our office to request an appointment.