Comprehensive Exams
Assess the power of your eyes and if you may need glasses or contact lenses.  Your prescription (refractive error) allows the doctor to determine if you see 20/20 and if your eyes are healthy.  Sometimes vision can be less than 20/20 (example: 20/30, 20/40, 20/200).  This can indicate ocular problems like: cataracts, glaucoma, lazy eye, and macular degeneration.

Cataract Surgery
Co-manage your cataract surgery locally! Our doctors have established great professional relationships with cataract surgeons in Missoula and Kalispell. Have the surgery done at St. Lukes or St. Joes and follow-up with us for your post operative care. No need to waste your time and money traveling far to have exceptional pre and post operative cataract surgery care.


cataract picture


Goldmann Tonometry

Glaucoma Treatment
You can still see 20/20 and have glaucoma!! Our doctors are able to catch, treat, and manage glaucoma. Not all eye care facilities are equipped to manage glaucoma. Our clinic offers the 'gold standard' tests to catch and monitor the disease, including: visual field testing, OCT testing, pachymetry, and goldmann tonometry.

Routine Health
Our doctors thoroughly examine the external and internal ocular tissues for pathology, like: cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Routine health is considered a part of the comprehensive eye exam at Ronan Eye Clinic.

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Red Eye

Red and Irritated Eyes
Our doctors are able to treat many ocular conditions that cause red and irritated eyes, like: dry eye syndrome, pink eye, iritis, foreign bodies, ocular allergies, and traumatic eye injury.

Contact Lenses
Our doctors specialize in the fitting contact lenses in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Specialty contacts for keratoconus and irregular astigmatism are also available.

Contact Lens Insertion


lasik co-manage

LASIK Surgery
Co-manage your LASIK surgery locally! Our doctors are trained to see if you qualify for LASIK surgery. The thickness of your cornea, the shape of your cornea, and your glasses prescription all help our doctors determine if LASIK is a safe choice for you. Our doctors have established relationships with ophthalmologists in Missoula, Great Falls, and Spokane to take care of your desire for LASIK surgery if your eyes meet all the right criteria to have it done. Let us help make your LASIK experience less stressful and more convenient.

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